December 12, 2011

Upper Case Keynote File

Keynote file is not all upper case. So how do you make all letter upper case? First, open RevitKeynotes_Imperial_2004.txt with Microsoft Excel. With MS Excel, you can add, remove, or modify keynote numbers and text.

While in Excel, you will need to create a new tab and link to the cells in the first tab named RevitKeynotes_Imperial_2004. To do this, click on a blank sheet; there should be one called Sheet1. Click in cell A1 and paste this line without the quotes, "=UPPER(RevitKeynotes_Imperial_2004!A1". Then drag this cell down to row 5376! Yes, that's how many rows there are in this file. Next drag and copy the entire column to the right 3 columns. Hit the save button. You will be warned that this file may contain feature that are not compatible with Text (Tab delimited). Click yes to the save the tab with upper case letter and you are finished. However, if you want an even faster way, you can download this file

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