December 21, 2011

eTransmit for AutoCAD

Ok, so I saw Pete write a blog about eTransmit for Revit. As an old AutoCAD user, I felt the need to write about eTransmit for AutoCAD; the original eTransmit. And before that, Pack-n-Go.

I want to write about a feature few people use but is still very POWERFUL. You should feel and hear a deep dark voice as you read the word POWERFUL.

You can use eTransmit to not only automatically compress all your AutoCAD drawings into a .zip file or a self executible .exe file, BUT AT THE SAME TIME you can use e-Transmit to AUTOMATICALLY save your AutoCAD drawings to an older DWG version within the .zip or .exe file. Your orginal DWG files on your computer or on your server are not saved back to an older version, only the copies made part of the zip file are converted. So when do you think that will be a feature in Revit's eTransmit?
Mark Petrucci

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