December 14, 2011

Convert MEP Object-based families to Face-based families

The great majority of manufacturers who are developing families of their respective product lines, are building the families for architects rather than engineers.  As a result, often the families developed cannot be used in a RMEP project due to the need for RMEP objects to be Face-hosted rather than ceiling-hosted, wall-hosted or floor-hosted.  In the past, engineers needed to rebuild families to use within the RMEP project.  Not any longer.  Now we can use the Copy-Monitor function to accomplish the conversion.

Below you will see where I have placed some walls to allow the mounting of the wall-hosted light families.

If I select one of the lights, take it into the Family Editor, you can see from the Properties that the host object is a Wall.

Next, I will start a RMEP project and link in the model with the wall that hosts the light fixtures.  And then use the Copy-Monitor function to Copy one of the light fixtures.

Upon completion of the Copy-Monitor function, by selecting the light fixture, you can see that it is a monitored object and resides natively in the RMEP project now.

Then when I take it into the Family Editor, you can see the host-object is now Other.  The light fixture family can be saved now to your library as a Face-based hosted object rather than a Wall-hosted object.

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