December 19, 2011

eTransmit for Revit

While we haven't experimented with this yet, this may be worth checking out.  Autodesk Labs has released an update for Revit eTransmit.  Everyone gets nasty messages from a workshared Revit model when you are the one that is getting a file from a consultant. Hopefully, this makes sending (and receiving) the Revit file a bit easier - and makes sure that everyone is getting the right info.

From Autodesk:
With eTransmit for Revit, you can:
  • Copy and detach a Revit model and associated files to a single folder for internet transmission. This removes the typical error messages when you copy central files using the operating system.
  • Locate dependent files automatically and include them in the transmittal folder, helping to reduce the possibility of error. All dependent files are automatically converted to use relative paths so the dependent files can be located by the model.
  • Choose to include related dependent files such as linked Revit models, CAD files, DWF™ markups, decal images, and external keynote files. You can transmit any Revit (.rvt) model that has beenupgraded to be compatible with a 2012 Revit software product.
  • Transmit models that are using file-based worksharing or server-based worksharing. eTransmit for Revit will also work with non-workshared Revit models.
View of the eTransmit dialog.

-Pete Zyskowski

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