You have questions. 
We have answers.

It takes more than just fancy software to make your business truly successful. Below is an overview of the range of services that we can provide. Give us a call to find out more.


It all starts with training. New design software isn’t your standard CAD anymore. Your company is making a substantial investment in software and the hardware needed to run it. Let us help you protect that investment by showing your entire project team, from Project Managers to Drafters, how to get the most out of your software. Applied Software’s training goes beyond the manuals to guide your team by providing classes that match standard workflows. Training can also be customized to meet your particular needs and project types, just ask!


Beyond the basics. Beyond training. Applied Software consulting is targeted at taking your business to the next level. For a business to truly thrive in ANY economy, knowing how to use your software is only part of the equation; you also have to know how to integrate your tools and technology into your everyday practice. Applied Software has a diverse client list that allows us to help your company see the big picture and downstream effects of the work you do every day. Let our Technology in Practice (TiP) Consultants work with you to chart a course to take your business to new levels of efficiency, services, partnering and innovation that your clients are after. Whether it is on a per-project level or as a strategic business initiative we can help you identify and achieve your goals.


For a project, or initiative, to be successful it has to have clear goals, a clear scope, and solid planning. Training is good by itself, but when incorporated into an implementation plan, it is far more successful. Applied Software’s implementation plans tie together training, pilot projects, interoperability challenges, and more to ensure that your training will be utilized effectively in your work, business, or project team environment. Let us consult with you to put together a clear plan and scope to ensure that you will realize your project’s or company’s goals as you implement or reinvigorate your software implementation.

Data Management

You have stuff. Lots of stuff. Projects are more than just drawing files. Whether you are a manufacturer, an architect, a contractor, or an owner there are multiple support files, data points, and workflow processes that you need to manage and distribute. Applied Software’s team can assess and create a solution for you and your distributed team to ensure that data is distributed effectively and that you have efficient workflows. So, whether you need to automate a bill of materials for manufacturing processes, or distribute building information to a dispersed team, we can create a solution for you.


Sure, free support is nice, but it is typically limited to email exchanges. You can also have your team spending time, and let’s be honest, money “Googling” for answers on support forums and blogs. Our Application Specialists are here to help you save time and money. We consult with thousands of clients from manufacturing to architecture to help “get to the bottom” of your problem, and get it solved quickly. We know where to look and who to ask to find your solution. Sometimes (many times) email simply isn’t enough to understand an issue, so we can use web conferencing or even come on-site to help you, or your project, get back up and running.

Partner Services

We know a guy . . . No, really! We at Applied Software are good at many things, but we also have a strong network of partners that expand our capabilities beyond software and consulting. Our expanded services range from as-built surveying and modeling to facility management and energy analysis. If you have a need, call us to learn more about the range of solutions and services that we can provide you through our partner network.

Hardware Solutions

To get the most out of your software and technology solutions, you need to be running the right hardware. Not the most expensive, the right hardware for your company’s needs. Applied Software can assess and define the correct solutions for your environment. Whether your needs are 3D printers, workstations, remote desktop environments, or server/networking solutions, we have the capabilities. We can simply provide recommendations or provide full scale specifications, installation and support.