About Us . . .

The Technical Team:

Well, for starters, if you scroll down and pick on our names under the "Contributors" list on the right hand side of the blog you'll get to know a bit more about us and see our pretty mugs.  But, simply stated, we're you.  We just happen to have a penchant for experimenting with software and combining that with real-world consulting.

We all have a solid history with, and come from the industries that we support.  Each of us train, implement, consult and write about our specialized backgrounds.  We think that makes us a bit different than your typical Autodesk reseller.  By having a larger, more specialized team we are able to focus on our core products and provide better service to our clients.  And since we have in-depth industry background, we are more able to consult on changing business needs, workflows, and processes that are affected by the constantly maturing tools and technologies that your company uses everyday.  We call that Technology in Practice (TiP) Consulting.  You can learn more about that and our other services on the "Services" page at the top of our blog and our soon-to-be-enhanced website.

Not everyone on the technical team has contributed to the blog . . . yet.  So there are more of us in the manufacturing, data management, and networking/IT fields that create a well rounded team to support just about any need that you, our clients, have.

The Company:

Founded in 1982, Applied Software is the oldest Autodesk Value Added Reseller in the US, with 30 years of continuous service.  With over 5,000 clients spanning the AEC, Owner, Government and Manufacturing industries, we have a wealth of experience to share.  It's not just about selling boxes; we are committed to your success, from selecting the right software to creating a well thought implementation that will help you meet your business goals and protect your investment.  

Some other things we're proud of:
  • Autodesk Platinum Partner in the AEC, Manufacturing, Construction, Government and Educational industries.
  • 2011 reseller of the year! 
  • 2009 Trainer of the year
  • Awarded the Autodesk Consulting Specialization 
  • Awarded IDIQ contract to deliver BIM Services for the GSA including modeling, training, analysis, and more.
Want to learn more? Visit our ASTI homepage and the "About Us" page.