December 23, 2011

Express Tools for the 21st century - it's all about the Apps

Remember the good old days when we tricked out our AutoCAD by

  • adding LSP routines embedded in toolbar buttons

  • building menus with our favorite "Express Tools"

  • customizing our digitizers (pucks) with commonly used commands

  • loading up the old "Screen Menu" with our favorite macros

Aside from merging in some popular AUGI wish list requests into future builds of AutoCAD (obsoleting many of these tools or replacing them with superior functionality), Autodesk is now providing direct access to "apps" within the AutoCAD 2012 interface.

Called "Autodesk Exchange Apps", it's an inventive and modern approach to allowing us commoners to participate in making AutoCAD (and other AutoCAD based products in the Autodesk family) more customized and productive. While many of the tools are free, others cost anywhere from 99 cents up to $500. The tools are categorized for General, AEC and Manufacturing applications, and are searchable with keywords to match specific needs. And to make the acquisition process nice and easy, once selecting an app, if it's not free, a PayPal window will appear letting you enter your PayPal or credit card information to purchase. Please note that most apps are built for use in 2012 versions of Autodesk software, so if you're not current, you can't access the "Autodesk Exchange" or run the programs listed.

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