December 15, 2011

Integrate Design and Analysis

Teams regularly spend time recreating various aspects of the project design in separate analysis software. Different aspects of civil designs must be
analyzed at various stages of a civil project. The designer needs a good understanding of slopes, earthwork volumes, stormwater management, and more.  Analysis results must be considered as a whole in order to make design decisions  that satisfy the project requirements. Civil 3D helps eliminate redundancy in  your workflow by analyzing the model you’ve already built. Designers can get
feedback in real time, while there is still an opportunity to refine the design
and make changes.

• Analyze pre- and post development hydrologic conditions
using integrated hydraulic and hydrology tools.

• Analyze your AutoCAD Civil 3D pipe network models, culverts, and channels using Autodesk® Storm and Sanitary Analysis 2012 software to help make design decisions. Automate the
generation of robust reports for submittal to review agencies.

• The mass haul and earthwork features enable contractors and engineers to more effectively
plan the movements, amounts, and placements of material during construction. As
designs are changed, Civil 3D can help to quickly analyze earthwork balance
points, determine the amount and direction of material to be moved, and identify
optimal locations for borrow pits and dump sites.

• Directly import customized pay item information into AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012 software for use in
assigning pay item values to objects in the drawing, including AutoCAD entities
and AutoCAD Civil 3D model elements. Automatically calculate quantities and
generate reports based on pay item values.

Kenneth Driscol

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