November 2, 2011

Cutting Walls into Walls

I was previously asked how to create a wall that not only changed materials but also changed thicknesses. As with most things in Revit, there are multiple ways to do this.  You could create a compound wall type that had multiple material types, but that would be restrictive in that it would be continuous through out the entire length of the wall.  You could create a Stacked Wall, but again, you would only see the material and thickness change at the point where it was assigned in the properties of the Stacked Wall.  You could simply use the Paint tool to change the material, but this would not change the thickness and would not show on sections correctly.  

My solution is to draw a wall within a wall and use the Cut tool to cut one out of the other.  This allows the user to create any type of wall desired at any thickness and place it in any location in as many places as they need.  To accomplish this, you draw the main wall first. Then in plan view, draw the secondary wall right on top of the main wall. You will get a warning that Highlighted Walls Overlap, which is is exactly what you want it to do for now.  

Next go to the Modify tab, and use the Cut tool and select the main wall and then the secondary wall.  

This will cut the secondary wall out of the main wall.  

To modify the elevations of the secondary wall, either adjust the Base Offset and Top Constraint or go to an Elevation View and simply use the grips to pull the wall top or bottom up or down.  The main wall will fill in when the secondary wall is modified.  

This approach will allow users to have two completely different wall types within each other that they can control separately. 


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