October 24, 2011

Hello There!

Welcome to everyone!

This is the first, in what we hope to be many, interesting posts on our new blog.  We here at Applied Software come across lots of tips and tricks, new applications, anecdotes that need to be told, partner news and a host of other cool things that we need to be able to share with everyone.  Along with those topics, we feel that you, our clients, friends, partners, and soon-to-be clients, would benefit from getting to know us and each other a bit better.

Everybody here, both on our technical and sales teams, will be contributing to this blog by writing articles or supplying videos.  Our hope is reach a larger community, open everyone up to sharing and connecting with us and our partners, and add value to conversations that you may (or may not) already be having.

So, starting this November, be sure to check back as our blog grows and shoot us some suggestions on topics that interest you, or let us know how we're doing.

The Applied Software Blog Team

Also in the works are some new Services web-pages that will let you know a bit more about our technical team, some of the things that they are working on, and what (beyond training) we are able to do for you as a strong business partner.  We'll let you know when they're ready!