November 17, 2011

Navisworks Batch Utility

The Batch Utility can be used to automate importing and conversion processes that are common tasks within Navisworks. There are four areas that the batch utility can assist: getting a list of design files used in a current NWF/NWD, build a new NWF/NWD with selected design files, export out NWDs for each design file listed, and accessing the Windows Scheduler to run the batches. As an example, I will select various NWCs to build a new NWF.

The Batch Utility is accessed from the Home Tab:

First, in the Input section of the dialog, I will select a specific NWC file that contains all the architectural models using the Add Files button:

And as well, I can specify an entire folder of any supported file type using the Add File Spec button. Just above the Add File Spec button is where you can pick from the file type wildcard list. In my example, I will select all the NWCs within my FIRE folder:

Next, on the Output section of the dialog, I will use the As Single File tab and enter in Output to file the name of the NWF file.

Using the Browse button, I can specify where and what file type, to save the NWF file into a specific folder.

Finally, I can either use the Run Command button to immediately process the batch, or I can access the Windows Scheduler via the Schedule Command button. In my case I will run the Scheduler:

With the Scheduler, be prepared to enter your password several times. When you select the Schedule Command button, you will first save your task file:

Then the next dialog presented allows you to name your Task and request your password:

Finally, access the Schedule tab to set your time to run the batch:

Now just sit back and let the Navisworks Batch job do your work for you. NOTE: If you use the Scheduler, then be sure to leave your PC on.


  1. is there a way to do a batch export from revit to nwc, because ive been exporting stuff almost everyday. i cannot open a native revit (for navis 2013) it will be very slow.

  2. Jomari: To your question about batch exports from Revit to NW. Unfortunately, Revit doesn't have the batch capability like NW does. While you could possibly get a batch going to read the Revit files via NW (instead of Exporting from Revit), currently there are some problems with the NW reader. As you have found it is slow, and if you are reading MEP models, then you may find fittings will come in as single line or not at all. Hopefully, Autodesk will fix that up soon in a service pack. An alternative, you may try using Revit's batch plotting to output DWFs and then use NW to open the DWFs directly. There are issues too with DWFs in a mixed environment with other CAD files like DGNs or DWGs. But if the model you build in NW is completely made up of DWFs, then you wont have the problems.


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