January 19, 2012

EXPLETIVE!! Can’t open AUTOCAD! Getting license error!

Occasionally that will be screamed throughout an office due to the end user getting an error when trying to open their Autodesk program. It can be extremely frustrating trying to figure out what could be the problem. Below is a list of the most common error messages and possible fixes for them.

(-00.00.00) – This is a popular one with the new 2012 software. There are typically 2 reasons this is occurring. Fist, a firewall is blocking access to the clients hitting the server. There are some ports that need to be opened, 27000-27009 and 2080. Another possible solution has to do with IPv6 being used on the server, either disable IPv6 if your office is not using it, or download and install the Autodesk Network License Manager IPv6.

(-4.xx.xxx) – This one simply means that the office has run out of licenses and the end user will either have to wait for a license to open up or someone will have to get kicked out of the software.

(-5.xx.xx) – This happens quite a bit when an office installed a software package with the incorrect product key, typically happens with the basic AutodCAD verticals. Solution is to uninstall/reinstall with the correct product key. The error message means that the feature cannot be found, or the product can’t be found in your license file.

(-14.xx.xxx) – This indicates that a problem occurred with the product finding the HOST NAME of the server, typically there is a possible problem with DNS on the network. If this was working and then stopped working, there might be a corrupt cascadeinfo file. See below on how to fix that.

(-15.xx.xxx) – This means that the server might be down. Verify that the services adskflex.exe and lmgrd.exe are running on the server. If they are not, open Autodesk Network License Manager (LMTools) and click on the start/stop/reread tab and then click on start server. To make sure they stay started, even after a restart of the server, click on config services tab and make sure start server at power up and use services are both checked, and then click on save service. This error can also be caused by the cascadeinfo file being corrupted. See below for fix.

(-18.xx.xxx) – License server does not support this feature. Typically this occurs when an office upgrades their license file to the latest version, but did not upgrade Autodesk Network License Manager. Install the latest version of ADLM.

There are many more error codes than those listed, check out http://forums.autodesk.com/t5/Installation-Licensing/FlexLM-Error-Code-Chart/m-p/1438943 for a complete list.

Corrupted cascadeinfo.cas file needs to be deleted. It can be found in the following locations:
Windows XP:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Autodesk\Adlm
Windows Vista and Windows 7:

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