January 16, 2012

Design Review Mobile App

There was a time when I can remember preparing for a meeting or even going to the plant to discuss design and engineering issues with multiple detailed drawings in my hands and needing someone to aid me in opening doors. However, with today's technology, the burden of lugging around loads of documentation is becoming a thing of the past. With more and more people starting to make the move to mobile devices and discovering the vast world of apps available, I would like to point out one specifically which allows you to view, markup, and annotate 2D and 3D DWF files from your Autodesk Cloud account. It is the Design Review mobile app by Autodesk, Inc. and it is available for the following devices: iPhone 3GS or higher, iPad 1 or 2, iPod Touch 3rd generation or higher, with a minimum operating system of the Apple iOS 3.2.

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-Jason Miles


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