January 26, 2012


What is Annotative Scaling? Annotative scaling gives users the ability to place text one time in a drawing and have AutoCAD AUTOMATICALLY calculate text height at different scales. If you need to show a room name at 1/4" scale and 1/8" scale, there is no need for you to enter the text twice at two different text heights and on two different layers. With this one example, I reduced the time and number of AutoCAD text objects and layers by 50% using Annotative Scaling. In the image to the right, it is important to understand there are three button used for Annotative Scaling.
The first is the plot scale. This controls the size of any annotative objects like text, dimensions, blocks, and hatching.
The next button controls if you see ANY text for the current scale. This button is tricky. What it will do is show you the text that was put in at the original scale if you don’t have text at the current scale. If this button is off, you won't see any text if it doesn't exist for that scale.
Obviously, we want the text at the current scale not at the original scale. That's were the last button is used. If you toggle on this last button, AutoCAD will automatically scale text to the current scale.
If you’re still a little confused what should be on and what off, I tell people to toggle on both buttons. Place some text, change the Annotation Scale. and watch what happens!
Mark Petrucci


  1. AutoCAD's annotative annotations can take a while to get you head around. However, I've found Annotative hatches to be really easy to use.

    I did a little write up about them here that your readers might be interested in:
    How to Use AutoCAD's Annotative Hatches http://cadsetterout.com/autocad-tutorials/how-to-use-annotative-hatches/

    Keep up the good work!


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