November 14, 2011

Embedded Schedules in Revit MEP

Not too many users are aware that in Revit MEP schedules can be embedded into other schedules.  This feature is only available in Revit MEP and not in Revit Architecture.  And, it is only available in certain types of Revit MEP schedules.  Embedded schedules can be inside of Room and Space schedules and System schedules (Pipe Systems, Duct Systems and Electrical Circuits).

This feature will allow you to create a schedule inside of another schedule.  This could be used if you want to list what fixtures are in a space, or what pipes are in a system, or what devices are on a circuit.

To create an Embedded Schedule, you begin by creating a Room or Space or System schedule as you typically would.  You can add the fields desired, configure the sorting method, modify the formatting.  In the Schedule Properties dialog, there is a new tab at the end for Embedded Schedule.

Here you can select what type of schedule you would like to be embedded and then you can select Embedded Schedule Properties, to modify the properties of the embedded schedule.  You go through the same steps to create the embedded schedule as you would when you create a normal schedule.  You can add the fields desired, configure the sorting method, and modify the formatting.

Space Schedule with Embedded Light Fixture Schedule
This is a great way to show what is in a space, what is in a system, or what is on a circuit.  I am not sure why this is limited to Revit MEP. I am sure that architects could use this if it were available.  This might make my wish list for future releases.

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