October 17, 2012

Revit Stair By Component (and Sketch too?)

Have you tried Revit 2013 Stair by Component yet? If you haven’t, you don’t know what you are missing! So you can either model stairs by component or you can model stairs by sketch. Right? Actually, you can do both with the same stair! If you need to model stairs, start with Revit 2013 new Stair by Component. But what if you need a custom landing? Easy, let Revit create the landing and then modify it. Select the landing and go to the ribbon. Select Convert tool in the “Create Stair” tab and “Tools” panel. A message will notify you converting the landing to sketch-based is irreversible. No worries, select the Close button and keep moving forward. Next, select the “Edit Sketch” tool in the ribbon and you can modify the landing boundary. Select the green check mark to finish edit mode for the landing. Select the green check mark again to finish creating the stair. There are many other reasons for using Stairs by Components.  This is just one small tip.

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