September 28, 2012

Revit LT is not AutoCAD LT

Those of us who remember when AutoCAD LT was first released remember our initial reaction. It was cheap and it did almost everything AutoCAD did. Right? Well, we soon discovered that AutoCAD LT was lacking more than we wanted. It was still a great product but power users were missing the power of AutoCAD.
Revit LT on the other hand is a very powerful version of Revit. Yes it does have limitations but it's limitation do not hamper small companies. The biggest difference with Revit LT is that it does not allow you to do worksharing; that means multiple people can not work on one project at the same time. If you are a small firm and designers do not need work sharing, then Revit LT will do everything you need Revit to do.
If you have not made the switch to Revit and you are a small firm, you should consider Revit LT. Speak with a Sales Account Manager and Senior Application Specialist to see if Revit LT is for you.  Check out this link,


  1. Revit LT is suppose to be geared for those individual who uses Autocad LT instead of the full blown Autocad.

  2. It may be for AutoCAD LT users. It may be for users who do not need Revit worksharing. I know many firms considered product cost when they purchased AutoCAD LT. Firms and individuals using full blown AutoCAD can upgrade to Revit LT and be way ahead of AutoCAD users in the BIM world. Either way, with the first release of the LT products, the "power" gap between Revit/Revit LT is much smaller than the gap between AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT.

  3. Revit inability for work sharing functionality for me is one of system's flaws that must be corrected. What is the Revit LT System Requirements by the way?


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