July 30, 2012

Revit: Links Non-Selectable

One particular wish-list item for Revit has been a Pin feature that also will not allow the users to select what has been pinned.  While this wish-list feature may (or may not) show up within Revit in the future, a procedure using Design Options can be used today.  Using this method, you will be able to see the linked model, still be able to use it for Space placement and hosting Face-based objects, but you will not be able to select it.

Steps Involved:
  1. Before selecting the Insert RVT command, setup the Design Options:
    1. Create the first Design Option Set which will also create one Option (primary).  You will only want the one Option in this Option Set
    2. Rename the Design Option Set with a name that is descriptive, such as Revit Model Links
    3. Rename the one Option of the Set to something like: All RVT Links
  2. Now set as active the Design Option: All RVT Links
  3. Insert the RVT link and Pin in place
  4. Set the Type Properties of the link to Room Bounding
  5. Set the active Option back to Main Model
  6. The linked model now should be visible but not selectable.
  7. Should you need to select the link now, you will need to change the active Design Option back to the All RVT Links option.  Just don’t forget to change it back to Main Model prior to adding in any MEP layouts or objects.
NOTE: Now in your Visibility Graphics dialog, you will have a Design Options tab.


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