March 15, 2012

2d DWF Writer

I am a big fan of DWF’s, which are Autodesk’s answer to Adobe PDF’s, but so much better. DWF stands for Drawing Web Format. They are typically created in AutoCAD or Revit to virtually print a set of documents and 3d interactive files. The DWF’s  file size is considerably smaller than a PDF. And since they are created by Autodesk they are graphic rich and easily emailed.

All this comes together with the free product Design Review to view, markup and review a project or files. But I wanted to point out a little known fact, which is DWF’s can be created for other non-Autodesk applications like Word, Excel, or basically any application you are using that has a printing option. The 2d DWF writer can be downloaded  (link below) and installed as a printer on your computer to be used with any  program. The advantage is the Markup capabilities once the DWF is brought into Design Review.

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