February 16, 2012

AutoCAD - the best tool for design?

"I have a new project starting up and need X seats of AutoCAD"

As an Autodesk partner, we hear this almost every day. While a great start to the conversation, using AutoCAD in a manufacturing design environment today is just one small part of the equation.

Using construction as an analogy, you could certainly drive nails with a hammer, and the hammer is a proven, reliable implement; but as tool technology progressed, those builders who preferred to stay profitable (and keep their business) moved up to nail guns to maximize efficiency and improve productivity. And while there will always be use for the hammer, it isn't the primary tool anymore.

Whether you're building furniture, machinery, consumer products or doing space optimization in today's competitive market, if your tool of choice is AutoCAD, Iit's time to take a look in the Autodesk tool shop. With the rapid innovation of design technology, today's AutoCAD is the equivalent of a hammer: a well known and widely used tool. Granted, we in the reseller channel absolutely believe that our "hammer" is smoother, more contoured and will pound the (metaphorical) design nail better than other programs, but Autodesk has a nail gun too - and it's called Inventor. And just as the nail gun replaced the hammer, Inventor brings a more efficient, data driven, photo realistic process that just may trump AutoCAD as the primary tool in your company's workflow...

Design is just one part of your product lifecycle, and our team excels at helping clients move beyond 2D drafting into a more automated, data driven 3D prototyping environment.

In a world replete with 3D technology to communicate design intent, here's the challenge that I'm posing to our clients this year -

Do you really believe you can win more business with a hammer when your competitors are using a nail gun?

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