July 30, 2013

AutoCAD Migrate then Export then Import

This week I received two calls about the same issue from two different customers. How do I copy all my settings from AutoCAD 2011 to AutoCAD 2014 when AutoCAD 2014 is on a different computer? If the "old" AutoCAD and "new" AutoCAD are on the same computer, it's pretty easy. Simply use "Migrate From a Previous Release" in the folder Start[All Programs[Autodesk[Migrate Custom Settings.

If you have "old" AutoCAD and "new" AutoCAD on different computers, well then you have a little more work. First, you must have the "old" and "new" on the same computers. Follow the steps above to "Migrate From a Previous Release". This involves installing "new" AutoCAD on same computer with "old" AutoCAD even if you don't want it installed. "Migrate From a Previous Release" only works when both AutoCADs are on same computer. Then use "Export AutoCAD 201x Settings" to export all the "new" AutoCAD settings to a single ZIP file. Now copy the ZIP file to the other computer without the "old" AutoCAD and use "Import AutoCAD 201x Settings" and select the ZIP file. That's it.

The most common error people receive is "Migrate profiles require that AutoCAD 2000 or a later version be installed on your system". If you see this error message, it is because you exported directly from the "old" AutoCAD, copied the ZIP to the new computer, and tried to import into the "new" AutoCAD. At least one time on one computer you must have both versions installed and settings must be "migrated from previous release".
So I hope I answered your question. Now I have one for you. What took you so long to upgrade?

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